Shame – but not on Denmark


I was upset to receive an email about the massacre of Calderon Dolphins by Denmark.

But I did a little research and wanted to highlight what I had learnt about what I saw and read.
I am not condoning any of this – however I think greater understanding is always needed by all of us all over the world rather than jumping to conclusions.  The conclusion for example being that humans are beating bloody holes into dolphins just for fun.

The email as quoted (typos and all) :

It’s because of the cruelty that the human beings (civilised human) kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins.

Take care of the world, it is your home!

This happens every year in Feroe iland in Denmark . In this slaughter the main participants are young teens.
To show that they are adults and mature…. BULLLLsh

In this big celebration, nothing is missing for the fun. Everyone is participating in one way or the other, killing or looking at the cruelty “supporting like a spectator”

Is it necessary to mention that the dolphin calderon, like all the other species of dolphins, it’s near instinction and they get near men to play and interact. In a way of PURE friendship

They don’t die instantly; they are cut 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hocks. And at that time the dolphins produce a grim extremely compatible with the cry of a new born child.

But he suffers and there’s no compassion till this sweet being slowly dies in its own blood

Its enough!
We will send this mail until this email arrives in any association defending the animals, we won’t only read. That would make us accomplices, viewers.

The Faroe Islands are not part of Denmark.  They have their own parliament.

These are not Calderon Dolphins but Pilot Whales and other cetaceans such as Atlantic White-sided dolphins and Bottle-nosed Whales.  In fact, I cannot find anywhere any reference to a Calderon Dolphin species.

In reviewing the figures, the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission decided that the percentage of 0.1% of current populations killed was well within sustainable limits.
In fact the number of drives has decreased from a 1709 – 1950 total of 1195 to a 2006 total of 11.

1709!  Thats right.  This practice has been occuring for 300 years.
Now if indeed this is a cultural practice, think of how long it will take to remove/alter this practice from the islanders lives.  And these Faroe Islanders have whale meat and blubber as a staple part of their diets.

I think this is a terrible practice as well – however humans have been rearing and catching and eating meat for thousands of years.

For more information :

Can we compare this to the Taiji Dolphin Massacres?
The well known Sea Shepherd Conservation Society does not mention the Faroe Islands on their site but has extensive information regarding the occurances at the village of Taiji in Southern Japan :

Here dolphins are bombared with sound, herded into a bay, covered with nets and killed the next day.
Not only dolphins are herded into the bay, but Pilot Whales as well.

And heres the real kicker : Killing pilot whales violates Japan’s treaty obligations to the International Whaling Commission.

Both practices seem extremely gruesome to a lot of us.
However I believe greater understanding and correctly directed protest is needed – instead of incorrect mail emails.


  • Arlene

    I read a post in a wordpress blog by the gentleman that distributed the original e-mail that he got this information all wrong. Regardless, it still sucks.

    • dive mistress

      yes it does Arlene – sucks is too soft a description too.

      it would be interesting to see that blog – you dont happen to have an indication of where that might be posted?

  • costas apodiacos

    Why try to understand barbarism? This behaviour is unacceptable and it has to stop. Your comments are useless. Stop wasting your time and do something about it.

    • dive mistress

      and what do you suggest? if you could do something realistic – what would it be?

      do you think that generating incorrect information works?

    • Diverkat


      Understanding helps us come to a more informed consensus. Understanding the motivations behind behaviour is the most important step in attempting to stop it. I disagree wholeheartedly that Dive Mistress's article is useless, because promoting misinformation across the internet only encourages ignorance – facts are important and it is imperative to set the record straight. There are worlds of difference between the slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Taiji and passing it off as whale meat unknowingly to the public and selling the 'good' ones for show, and the Faroe islanders killing a small number of pilot whales for food. That sounds like some pretty useful information to me.

      What do you suggest be done? Would you sail into the Faroes, guns blazing and tell them that their cultural practice is barbaric? How much good would that do? Would you actually make a difference, do you think? Or would you be laughed out of the islands? The latter, I would expect, if not something worse.

      Or do you think that if you showed up with the desire to understand the motivation behind such practices, and showed the people how such actions are actually affecting the marine environment, and through education, respectful discussion and sharing of ideas, come to a more amicable solution?

      While I do not condone the senseless slaughter of animals for sport, I do understand the need for people to make their livelihood, and the people in the Faroe Islands use the meat and blubber as food – as it is done in many other countries. If you're insisting that killing marine mammals is barbaric, then tell the Inuits in Canada that their livelihoods must change, they cannot live off marine mammals either… do you think that's a viable solution?

      Instead of making incensing and ignorant comments with very little to say (other than showing us your oh so important opinion), I suggest you offer some valuable information next time.

      • Antonius

        Dear fellow human beings,

        I also got an email concerning the slaying of sea mamals. Rather then jumping to conclusions i did some research as others here claim to have done.

        I suggest you look at
        to find out why other fellow human beings sent these kind of emails.

        I am afraid that the claim of "dive mistress" that seashepherd does not mention faeroe islands and this tradition is incorrect as the above link proves otherwise.

        Also apparently she misstakes the English islands near Argentina as she claims the islands where these slaughters take place are not part of Denmark. The article on seashepherd proves they are.

        Please do get your information right.

        Personally i would prefer if all fellow humans would show respect and gratitude to all beings here on earth, also the ones we need to sustain the human population. I therefore find it rather disturbing that childeren and teens participate. They especially should be taught respect and love for the stunningly beautiful heaven on earth we all have inherited.

        I also fully agree with those who urge to inform one another correctly and with those who urge not to react merely from our emotions. Only if we enter into communications with respect and mindfullness for the position of others will we be able to come to new insights, better understanding.

        There are many examples of humans that, due to circumstances used to be hunters, however, after carefull talks, have been turned into protectors, nature managers.

        So please be factual, please do not blindly follow the opinions of others (rather convince your self what the right opinion is) and please keep an open mind so that you leave a path open to improve our world.

        Love and respect.


      • dive mistress

        Thank you for your comment Antonius.

        At the time that I posted this – there was no information on Sea Shepherds site.

        I can now update this article with the information that you have provided.

        Please also note that I make no reference to Argentina in the article. The islands I refer to are the Faroe Islands and they are not ruled or a part of Denmark.

        Thank you,


      • sally

        "When we talk about Denmark, we normally refer to Jutland, Zealand, Funen and the islands scattered around the Danish waters. Yet the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic and Greenland, which is part of the North American continent, also belong to Denmark but have autonomous self-rule."
        from the official website of Denmark

  • dive mistress

    There are traditions all over the world that some may find offensive and inhumane but others believe in for religion or custom.

    There is an animal sacrifice every 5 years in Nepal where 200,000 animals (buffalos, chickens, goats and pigeons) are killed as part of a ceremony to honor the goddess of power.

    Sensational photographs are shown of this too –

    • Alan

      The different is dolphins are intelligent animals.

      • Carrie

        So only intelligent animals have the right not suffer needlessly?

      • Lise

        Intelligent animals or not, they are all animals!

      • Guest

        A point that Dive mistress seems to be missing. Thank you Alan for pointing this out.

      • Tara

        Thanks for the comments guys. Its definitely time this blog post was updated and some of the information refreshed.

    • John W.

      I have reposted the email myself, but correctly identifying it as the Faroe Islands, however your comments on 'tradition' are totally nonsensical as for generations cannibalism was rife in parts of Africa and South America (and probably many more places). Does that mean that the missionaries shouldn't have stopped them practising this 'traditional' way of disposing of their enemies when they believed that by doing so they imbibed extra strength and courage by doing so?
      Of course it doesn't, because barbarism needs stamping out wherever it occurs and who or whatever it is done to! Would you allow local butchers to chase cows around a field sticking huge hooks into their backs before dragging them to one side and slashing through their spines? …. I doubt you would, in fact most countries, like the UK, actually outlawed farmers from butchering their own stock, unless they became regulated licenced slaughtermen, using the reason that it was to protect the public from diseased or meat otherwise unfit for human consumption!
      It isn't about stopping people from eating whalemeat per-see, it is about stopping the barbaric cruelty involved in the killing, including the cruelty of killing sentient creatures in full view and earshot of each other, that is totally banned in UK slaughterhouses because of the fear, panic and stress it causes to livestock about to be slaughtered.

  • Zlatko Colovic
  • PhilBee

    1. I am completely against this senseless massacre.

    2. I am also against knee-jerk reactions that spread like wildfire through the Internet, without due care.

    3. This original posting closely resembles an email I received recently, which was so riddled with grammatical and factual errors that I did some quick research to clarify things. Check out my blog, and you’ll see what I mean.
    Don’t misunderstand me – I too am very much against this outdated custom. But I warn those who attempt to change the mindset of the Faroese: it’s a total waste of time swearing, cursing, saying they should all be shot etc etc.

    You need a considered approach, perhaps offering solutions, showing a mature understanding of their situation (not AGREEING with them at all – just being aware of their traditions and their thinking).

    Generate a global groundswell with reason, clarity, purpose, calmness. Write to the Faroes Government, not the Danish one (it’s not the Danes’ issue, it’s the Faroes’ killings).

    Aggression will only run off their backs and entrench their behaviour (they are after all descended from Vikings!!).

    Good luck…read my blog and you’ll see what I mean.

    PhilBee, NZ

    • dive mistress

      Thanks for your comments – you'll see that I agree that emotive postings (sent without spellcheck!) do nothing to inform the world as much of the content is incorrect.
      I also state that contacting the Danish Government is inappropriate as the Faroe Islands are self governed.
      Thanks for your link too.

    • Souphol

      You are right people need to see the whole picture, and not get feed the wrong information before they jump to their own conclusions. I am also against this outdated custom, and like you said charging in all guns blazing isn’t going to help.

  • Kim

    I just received the petition email about 20 minutes ago. I was horrified that the animals are killed in such an inhumane way. It may be tradition. They may eat the animals, but the method of slaughter is heinous. There is no excuse for torture for sport, no matter how it is rationalized. Now, what to do about it? Like the Dive Mistress, I was compelled to do research and learn more about the subject. That way I would know how I can contribute. I do not know what good these email petitions do… So, I will contact the Faroe Islands parliament and the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission, as well as Danish and Faroe Island animal rights organizations. I completely agree with PhilBee and understand the need to be civil and respectful. Hopefully I will have the backing of prominent, highly respected animal welfare organizations in the United States. There are also unfathomable atrocities occurring in China, with regard to puppies. If you haven't gotten the email petition, I'm sure you will. I will do my best to help these animals too – though I think China will do what it damn well pleases. Let's all do the best we can. Thank you.

    • Faroese native

      Oh man. You are so incredibly and completely mistaken, when you say: “the animals are killed in such an inhumane way” and “the method of slaughter is heinous”.

      There is absolutely no way that you could kill almost any herd of wild animals this fast and painless. If a killing goes well, then it takes something like 7 – 15 minutes from the beaching until all the – typically 60 to 100 – whales are killed. When the individual whale is dragged up on the beach – just long enough up, so that it is secured – still in the water – it takes seconds until it is unconscious – the width of a hand behind the blowhole, cut down with a large and sharp knife – about 25 cm blade. It takes about 3 large cuts and then you stab the knife into the spine – and the whale will snap it.

      But trying to rescue beached whales in Denmark, New Zealand or Austrailia – THAT is cruel. They are slowly boiling in their blubber. And trying to shoot them is just plainly ridiculous. I have heard about an incident in Denmark where they tried to kill a beached pilot whale with a rifle. After one hour and 60 shots they gave up. The whale did die later though, but definitely in much more and unnecessary pain.

      And by the way: The faroese government runs this infosite on whaling:

      There you will find all relevant contacts, if you still want to protest that we sustainably harvest a local natural resource.

      Yours sincerly

      [Repost - because I really, really shouldn't press submit - before I learn to spell correctly :-)]

  • http://NA neha

    enough of disccussion on this topic, what can be done to stop it

  • Bob Wills

    Your post is an inspiration for me to find out more about this subject. I must concede your limpidity broadened my views and I will straightaway grab your rss feed to remain up to date on any likely articles you might release. You are due, thanks for a job well done!

    • rhodekill1

      gotta start education young. alot harder with dumbass grown-ups like us…

  • Joanna

    I also did a little research when I recieved this email. It is my experience that many such things are misunderstood and that these types of emails are put out there their shock appeal.

    All over the world people eat animal meat.

    We have fish farms, chicken farms, pig farms and cattle farms. All these animals are slaughtered too. How else does one get a Big Mac or a Filet-O-Fish?

    I am so perplexed over the thought process of people in regards to the slaughtering of animals for food being so much more cruel than the multi-million dollar business of human infants being killed everyday for no real good reason, when these same little babies could just as easily be adopted.

    Have any of you seen pictures of murdered baby humans? How they are dismembered,chemically burned,etc. Thrown into waste cans, body parts being sold….?

    Has everyone forgotten the fact that animals have no eternal soul, that God breathed His life into man at the creation and gave to us an eternal soul as the pinnacle of His creation?

    I am not a meat eater myself, but I do not condemn people for eating meat. In some parts of the world there is no other way of survival due to the harsh cold climate. As long as people are responsible and not wasteful and are giving thanks to God for their sustenance there is no problem. I don't agree with the killing of any living thing just for sport, but for sustenance, I see no problem.

    I think we do far worse in our own country, there is so much wastefulness of food, so much gluttony and yet we condemn others.

    I think we need to take a closer look in our own back yard, inour own homes and then determine if we should be condemning a country for how they harvest their food.

    • Jacqui

      I would appreciate knowing where I can find proof of the fact that you quote above – 'Has everyone forgotten the fact that animals have no eternal soul, that God breathed His life into man at the creation and gave to us an eternal soul as the pinnacle of His creation? '

      I would also appreciate knowing where to find evidence of human babies being killed daily, dismembered and chemically burned.

      With regard to the mass slaughter of mainly pilot whales in the Faroes, it was recommended by some authoratative medical body that the Faroese should not eat these whales as there was high levels of mercury and other deadly toxins in them and this was in 2008, so not condemning them for harvesting their own food is just absolute nonsense, this slaughter is NOT for food, it is traditional and has been for over 400 years. It is no longer acceptable to a growing number of people to kill living, breathing animals that are not being used to feed the ever growing population of the planet.

      I agree that we, as humans, do a lot of things that are just as barbaric, but this is a mass slaughter of wild animals and should be stopped. So instead of praising god perhaps an email to the Faroese PM would be more appropriate.

    • Beth

      Oh, yes.

    • Maureen

      The animals are humanly killed for human consumption, not as these poor Dolphins were, they were brutally hacked to death. And yes, I do agree about the unborn death of babies, that's despicable, when, yes, they could well be adopted to loving families who are childless and would give them the love they need.
      I am so appreciative that I belong to God Almighty, who gives us sight to see with spiritual eyes the sin in our own lives and the world, but who has also made a way for us sinners to turn from our sin and follow Jesus, for this I praise His glorious name.

      • Andi

        Oh, I get it. You're on about abortion when you're talking about human babies being chemically burned, killed daily etc.
        Don't worry, their souls go back to God and are reborn into a loving family rather than being born into a cold and unfeeling world that doesn't want them. (Always assuming you believe in God and souls, of course – which I do, so that's nice.)

    • Conrad

      I wish you wouldn't bring God into this. I'm Catholic, but I keep my religious views to myself and certainly don't use it as a reason to lessen the terrible nature of animal slaughter. People believe different things, and to anyone who doesn't share your belief your point about God is null and void. Though to retort, God made us stewards over all his creation. Is it not a gross betrayal of that trust and responsibility to slaughter his creation in such horrific ways?

  • Gem

    I have just received the email and was quite horrified to read it let alone see the photographs. I had no idea what 'Calderon dolphins' were so Googled the name and up came your site.

    I was pleased to read your findings, thank you.

    I thought they looked more like whales than dolphins.

    However although the whales are being used by the islanders in their food chain and according to one of the islanders are killed humanely the photographs are still horrific.

    But again thank you for enlightening us.

    Gem, UK

    • keldc

      You are right, its pilot whales, and they are killed fairly quick, by at hit in the neck with at big knife, read my comment from today..

  • Einstein

    "In fact the number of drives has decreased from a 1709 – 1950 total of 1195 to a 2006 total of 11."

    You might want to recheck your maths as 1,195 drives over a 241 year period is an average of 5 drives per year. The 11 drives in 2006 represent an increase over the 1709-1950 figures.

    If you look at later time periods however, such as the annual average catch during the 1980–1999 period (1,511 handily pre-calculated over at Wikipedia) then 2006 does look significantly better.

  • Dillinger

    It's funny to see so many people here actually are more fussed about that fact that the original email is incorrect in a few details than the senseless slaughter itself. OK, so it's Pilot whales not Calderon dolphin . So?

    In these modern time we do not need to eat Whales. The Faroe Isle people are a curiosity no more and as such should be put in a museum.

    Some customs do not need to be protected but to be shamed and stamped upon.

    Nothing will be done here though. just chat and nothing more.

    Get out your blubber suit and AK47 … well maybe not, but being sympthetic but wanting to uphold peoples very sad and horrific ideals is not liberal thinking. It is how the far right still get a voice and are still seen as a political force.

    • keldc

      Put in a museum?? Well mister ignorant, as much as any brits, or any other english speaking people! Or whereever museum you are from!

  • Lyn

    The photos and the description of the whale slaughter has to cut to the very depth of our soul. It is horrific, however – some of those most critical of the awful process choose to ignore the method by which our own cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens etc are slaughtered daily in our own countries. No, I am not a vegetarian…. but could move very quickly in that direction when confronted with images of mehods used in our own meat processing industry.

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  • shanmugasundaram

    Really it is painful. Many slaughter houses in India have bad practices to kill the cows and buffalos. Nobody cared to stop such killings. But everybody wants the meat. Become a vegetarian. Become a kindly person

  • Delois Horikoshi

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    • dive mistress

      thanks for the comment.
      would love some more feedback. you can drop me a note in the contact section and let me know what dont you like about it.

      • Jim

        No. This is spam, pure and simple. You can tell because the name is a link to a bogus wordpress site (now deleted) and the comment is completely vague, and relates to nothing specific about your post or blog. Up to you of course but imho you should delete it because it adds nothing to your blog. You should definitely not reply.

        Thanks for the comments on the Faroe Islands. They seem measured are a useful first port of call for people like me who just read the email – I've seen it posted twice on facebook today by friends who definitely don't know each other.

  • Helen Xie

    Happy to have read so much more information after receiving the email. One thing that really hit me was reading this from the Ministry of Fisheries website provided as below. Despite the argument (which both have their rationalities), it does make me want to be a vegetarian.

    "The pilot whale hunt in the Faroes is, by its very nature, a dramatic and bloody sight. Entire schools of whales are killed on the shore and in the shallows of bays with knives which are used to sever the major blood supply to the brain. This is the most efficient and humane means of killing these animals under the circumstances, but it naturally results in a lot of blood in the water. It is also understandable that there have been many strong reactions to media reports and pictures of the hunt in other countries, especially in urban communities, where most people have never actually been witness to the slaughtering processes from which their own meat derives."

  • Rich Philp

    It is so hard to live without killing… There is the old saying that you can hear a carrot scream as you pull it from the earth – at least it doesn't bleed all over the place …

    I do object to Joanna's assertion that humans are 'the pinnacle of Creation' – unlike any other animal we have sought out ways and reasons to slaughter each other in great numbers and horrific ways over centuries – quite often in the name of the One True God !

    We can see such beauty in Nature , and such ugliness in what humans can do . But that ugliness is not only in humans' relationship with Nature , but in how we relate to ourselves and to other humans – and indeed , there is also sometimes a very ugly side to Nature .

    Killing takes its toll . Karma , psyche , conscience , consciousness , dreams , smile – all are changed . We all know what is wrong or just plain ugly , but it is hard to justly judge others when we are sometimes so blind to our ourselves .

    • keldc

      I reject your idea, that religion, often has been the cause of slaughter, or war, as many postulates! Only 7 % of all registered was, through known time, was caused by religion, 4 % of that, is caused by Islamic religion ( i want to state here, that Islam is not just one religion, but a lot of different kinds, in wich the differense, in some cases, is so big, that they would kill each other, for that, like sunni and shia) the last 3 % is other religion, like christianity, in wich i would say that the wellknown crusades, has much more to do with churchpolitic, than real christianity, that tells the christian, to love and bless their enemy! Ref.:

  • Raina Manglona

    Well, thanks for that. This time, I'm completely with you ;

  • Lori-Anne

    Regardless of the above debate – the animals which are killed for food throughout the world should be as humanely put down for human consumption as possible.

    On the pro side of the "hunt" I believe that it is a more reasonable method as the numbers of whales taken would be substantially increased if it were to be outlawed in which case everyone would want to test their metal, and fill their larder whenever they could instead of during these "sessions."

    Biblically speaking, as these animals are not "scaled and finned" they are considered unclean and unfit for human consumption as are swine and a host of other non-traditional food sources that different nationalities consume.

    Good sources of information can be found at:

  • Nic Oliver

    Just to correct two innacuracies in the post. The Faroe Islands are an independent province, having executive powers for local affairs, of Denmark for some issues but fall politically under the Kingdom of Denmark, as does Greenland.

    For example, the Islands have no independent membership of the European Union and elect representatives to the Danish government.

    Secondly, this activity i not done for food but for "fun".

    Wikepedia says "Records of drive hunts in the Faroe Islands date back to 1584. It is regulated by Faroese authorities but not by the International Whaling Commission as there are disagreements about the Commission's legal authority to regulate small cetacean hunts. Hundreds of long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melaena) are killed annually, mainly during the summer. The hunts, called "grindadráp" in Faroese, are non-commercial and are organized on a community level; anyone can participate."

    While a few countries dispute the right of the Commission to regulate small cetacean hunts, killing pilot whales is definitely against the international treaties governed by the commission.

    • keldc

      Its not allowed, by unskilled people, to pull, them on shore, or to kill them!

  • PhilBee, NZ

    In reply to Nic Oliver:

    Sorry Nic, but I must pull you up on your points:

    (1) "The Faroe Islands enjoy home rule, with the Danish government represented locally by high commissioners. The home-rule government is responsible for most domestic affairs, with foreign relations, monetary affairs, and defense (sic) falling to the Danish government."

    – source: U.S. Dept.of State; CIA World Factbook.

    So any issue about pilot whale killing is a Faroese one, not Denmark's.

    (2) Although I do not IN ANY WAY support their actions, none of the Faroese I've had email conversations with have EVER said they slaughter pilot whales "for fun". Perhaps they enjoy the activity but they all say it is done "for food".

    I've spent a lot of time researching all the claims and fallacies circulating about the "grind". I welcome your perusal of:

    [ ] or go to [ ] which will connect you to all my postings about whales and whaling…

    I have also found a small element of commercialism creeping into the Faroes' whaling…it pays to always keep current on evolving issues like this.

    You'll see that my issue concerns the brutality of the slaughters, which cannot be condoned or defended in any way.

    • keldc

      In 2008, the FaeroIsland health authorities, declared the pilotwhales, to be unsuitable, fo human food, sadly because polution, like too high concentrations of quicksilver and other cemicals.. No its true, they dont do it for pure fun, or as some postulates, as a manhoodtest, but all the flesh is used, and all the people has right to get some, from youngest to oldest… But i thonk it, because the very fact of polution, will have a soon end..

  • Arelis

    I agree this killings are cruel and awfull and apreciate the effort to get accurate information, real facts, but I also wonder, how many of us judging the Faroes think about all the chickens, cows, sheep, fish, etc that are killed every day to satisfy our need of food?

    • Shieldso84

      it's easier being vegan :) like me….guilt free

  • Beryl Williams

    If the dolphins are being killed for 'food', this is no excuse. Our consumption of farm animals is no excuse, It's no excuse for any of us to indulge in the mindless mass slaughter of animals (and let's face it, no slaughterhouse is up to standard). It is simply not necessary nowadays, and certainly not in keeping with the potential for good of a human being, to kill for food. Our teeth and our intestines evolved to benefit from none other than a vegetarian diet, and vegetarians live longer. Furthermore, dolphins are among the most intelligent, emotionally developed and sentient animals on the planet, and their cruel slaughter in this way is totally, and utterly, reprehensible and unjustifiable by any standards.

    • Lemonz

      Actually we are omnivores, we benefit from both. We have canines which are consistent with meat eaters, yet they are so small to have no real use. We have an appendix that is about half the size of a rabbit's, which is a true vegan, meaning we are capable of eating plants, but not only. We show all the classical signs of being omnivores. Humans have never been vegan and never truely carnivorous.

      A metastudy in 1999 found that regular meat eaters and vegans had the highest mortality rates of all. The fish eaters had the lowest mortality rates and vegitarians had the second lowest – those that ate animal derived products like milk and eggs etc. In vegans it's mainly attributed to the nutritional deficiencies found in vegans if they don't know how to plan their meals correctly. Because of this, one can only come to the conclusion that humans are omnivores, since planning a meal with added supplements hasn't been possible until now.

      Also, I don't see how intelligence affects the worth of an animal to be slaghtered. Either you are against killing animals or you are not. Intelligence has nothing to do with fear. Most animals feel fear, and fear is what makes animals feel "unconfortable" when caught or about to be killed. If it's anything, it's the animal's ability to feel fear that should be considered to see if an animal is "suitable" for slaughter.

  • Megan

    I have received an email almost annually re the mindless slaughter of these dolphins. I too find it absolutley dispectable. The same email is circulated and many people would be willing to sign a petition. If anyone knows of a legitimite petition which I could attach in an email to circulate or where I could direct people to that want to help. That would be great. I would love to assist but just don't have the time to devote to hours of reading all the comments on this site or the 10 other sites that google had info on. I would be happy to sign a petition and forward it on to others etc.

    • dive mistress

      Hi Megan, I don't know of such a petition and considering that a lot of the email is made up, I don't even think that there is one.
      If I ever hear of one, I'll correct/update this post and let you know.

    • Maureen

      I would be pleased to write to anyone with regard to this in Faroe Islands if someone would let me have the address please Thank you.

    • keldc

      Its pilot whales…

  • Mayank

    hey, thanks for the research and bringing some facts out. I did it myself 10 mins back but not as extensive as you. So thanks for sharing it.

  • Lemonz

    THANK YOU, dive mistress! :)

    I'm Faroese and I'm honestly glad and surprised that a conservationist WANTS to educate him- or herself. It is a rare sight to see – especially when it comes to the whale/dolphin killings on the Faroe Islands. I respect you for that. However, I do feel really sorry for the whales, but I feel I can't really be opposed to it since I do eat meat myself (just not whale meat) and would be a hypocrite if I did oppose it. There have been changes made to the way they are killed and police is always present to make sure that the rules are followed. I fully support that, since I don't want them to suffer for one second longer than they have to.

    There is one thing I HAVE to correct, that this isn't a rite of passage at all. Very few Faroese actually do the killing and the Faroe Islands are generally a modern, although somewhat conservative European country. We don't need to kill an animal to prove our worth as adults, like tribal people often do.

    You have to bear in mind that the Faroese people have a Nordic mentality. They are generally reserved and very polite, especially to outsiders, and EXPECT to be treated in the same way. If that isn't the case, you will be dismissed within seconds and your arguments won't be listened to as insults are hardly ever tolerated. Calling us barbarians and murderers doesn't help your cause at all. It just makes the Faroese angry and less like to actually pay attention to you, and gives the people something to fight FOR – in other words, it makes people more willing to keep on to the tradition of killing pilot whales than stopping. It's ingrained in the culture, due to having been a Danish colony and been brutalized politically by Denmark in the past. People are very strongly opposed to outside influences telling us what to do and not do, especially when it comes to local traditions.

    The year 1709 you talked about isn't the start of the Faroese whaling. It's just the year from where we have continuous unbroken records of whale catches. It's the longest statistical record in the world for any wild life hunt. We have periodic records dating as far back as 1584, and we have most likely been killing whales since the islands were first settled in the 9th century.

    You have to bear in mind that people, like my grandparents, are still alive from the time when famies hit the islands regularly and people needed the whales for their survival, due to extremely low amounts of natural resources. There is hardly any edible vegitation there, no trees and almost no wild life. That's why it's so hard to stop this. It's really ingrained in the culture.

    My advice to you is, if you want to stop this, you have to have well formulated and well researched arguments and have quite a large knowledge of Faroese conditions as well as a good defensive knowledge against counter-arguments. If you don't have this, you might as well use your time and energy on preserving the ecology of your own country, because you will just be wasting your time, since no one will be listening to you and you will be considered either stupid or mentally unstable.

    Cheers, and sorry for the long post! :)

    • dive mistress

      Thank you so much for posting this reply! What has really been lacking in these comments is information from someone who lives in the Faroe Islands.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to post this and the other comments you have made. Thank you again.

    • Sam

      So where are the pictures and videos of the whale meat being harvested? Are the whales cut up on the beach or are they taken away to be cut up for "food"?

      • Really?

        The whales are brought home and processed, the meat is not sold commercially. So you'd likely find few pictures as intimate as someones home from this remote place.

  • Lemonz

    Most of what you and Sea Sheperd wrote is wrong. Sea Sheperd is a disgrace to animal welfare groups. They lie and use methods that are harmful to both people and property. They regard the whales are having more worth than humans.

    They are eco-terrorists. PET (the Danish CIA) has their eyes on them as well as the Icelandic "CIA". They damaged equipment in Iceland for over $2 million. That is counter productive to their goal. They lost all sympathy for their cause in Iceland because of that.

    Children and teens don't participate, they watch. I've seen it and I still love them and animal in general. It hasn't scarred me or made me torture animals. It's hard for city people to understand that when you live in a place where you sometimes kill your own food, that it isn't considered unnatural for children or teens to help or be present. It generally doesn't affect them adversly if they are explained what is going on.

    The Faroe Islands are not a part of Denmark. The Faroe Islands are self governing, while using the Danish constitution. Denmark is a part of EU, while the Faroes aren't. There is a parliament and government on the Faroe Islands as well, that is seperate from the Danish one, and it is voted for by the Faroese people and not by the Danes.

  • Susan Czerski

    Thank you so much Dive Mistress.
    I have just received an email about these 'dolphins', and I sought further information before forming an opinion. I am grateful for your intelligent and balanced approach. You have my wholehearted agreement.
    Regards, Susan

    • dive mistress

      Thank you for the comment Susan.
      It's surprising that we don't take the time to find out more – the world and it's traditions is a really interesting place!
      Take care :)

  • Bob Mony

    Only an idiot defends the killing of a high intellect mammal as a food source. How about you join in the senseless slaughter yourself and hear the cries of the Dolphins surrounded in their spewing blood and then lets hear your defense of these mental midgets.

    • stop the hurt

      I completely agree. Why defend such a horrific act? I understand you want people to "see from their p.o.v.." but what does that do to help the animals because regardless, this is absolutely atrocious, disgusting, and utterly wrong.

    • Really?

      So you are blaming people for hunting a food source that naturally comes within proximity of their land? Should they put out a Craigslist Ad asking for less intelligent form of life to wander by? Granted this is a modern era, and you have internet and a chai latte, but it wasn't 'just' like that.

  • Aware


    Calderon dolphins/ pilot whales

    Yes Faroe Islands are self governed, however they are danish citizens. And they are also economically supported by Denmark.

    Yes it is an old tradition, but that doesnt have to be correlated to how long it will take to end it?

    Newest research has shown that pilot whale meat is high in heavy metals, and should not be consumed anyway…

    And pilot whales are data deficient on the IUCN red list..

  • dive mistress

    I love the fact that, even 2 years after I posted it, this information is still being read and commented on.

    Please have a look at the comments above from Lemonz who is Faroese and has something interesting things to say.

    And know that I AM NOT condoning any mistreatment of animals, merely researching a graphic email that I received.

    Thank you,


  • Junairyn Montenegro

    i agree to diverkat.. In nature there is a balance just imagine if our sea well had a more population of that whale the other species we be eaten by them the pilot whale.. For me it ok they slaughter the pilot whale as long as they ate it not killed it and live it in the shore.. Be reasonable, it the way there cultures and they did not actually kill all the pilot whale..

  • Jo Summers

    I, too, googled this after reading about it on Facebook. It's very interesting to read all points of view.

  • reg woodleigh

    No shame on Denmark? Then shame os Dive Mistress. If we are talking 'facts', then perhaps you should get yours correct. Nic Oliver is right – the islands are a part of Denmark. There is a move for independence and a draft constitution. There are two Faroe Island representatives in the Danish delegation to the Nordic Council.

    Yes, animals die all over the world, in more or less barbaric conditions. So quoting numbers and percentages makes us feel better about this cruel social ritual? Civilised Denmark should be ashamed. As should any diver who thinks that a few errors of spelling, fact or figures in an email justify this abuse of nature. Nature gives us these islands, and those lucky to dive & witness the beauty of the oceans, and we do this to it? Shame.

  • Suede

    WTF! This post DOES NOT make any sense at all! Especially this line!

    1709! Thats right. This practice has been occuring for 300 years.

    Now if indeed this is a cultural practice, think of how long it will take to remove/alter this practice from the islanders lives. And these Faroe Islanders have whale meat and blubber as a staple part of their diets.

    Over the past hundred years, people have evolved, advanced, modernized and got rid of traditions that no longer made any sense in the modern world. If we had not done that, we would still be behaving like cavemen up to now. To violently mass murder these harmless animals as a symbol of transitioning to manhood???? BULLSHIT.

    • Jo Garrett

      Good point and an argument that always seems to need to be put forward in cases like this!

    • Emma

      I don't think they're doing this as a 'coming of age' ritual. This is a tradition and a communal sharing of food. I'm

      Try this POV. You're an American right? How different is this from our annual tradition of 'mass murdering' thousands of turkeys for Thanksgiving…or say thousands of cows for our restaurants year after year. They're both harmless creatures. How about pigs and fish?

      I understand your disgust if you're a vegetarian, but if you're not then isn't hypocritical to hate these people for what they're doing? I have a feeling that they are more humane in how they kill these animals compared to how we raise and slaughter our livestock in our country.

      You might say that these animals are intelligent creatures but I heard the same can be said about pigs and you and I both know that our country love our pork chops, and we don't hear much an outcry to save them.

      These people are eating what they kill; they're not hunting them for trophies to hang them up above the fireplace.

      Just sayin'.

      • T. LaRoque

        From what I read the people actually are Not doing this because they are hungry/ in need of the food. In fact their own government has stated the animals are not good for eating. Also I have read (not seen first hand) that a large portion of the carcasses are discarded or in fact taken and dumped back into the ocean.

        Would not compare this to the slaughter of pigs or turkeys. Those animals are used completely either for food or in by-products. I can live with that. But this whale slaughter might (imo) be better compared to hunting or fishing more as a "sport" in which food is not really the main reason. I am totally against killing animals for sport. I don't know or care that medievel vikings 8 have done. For sure things were different back in those times.

  • JamesT

    Thank you for this blog. I have read it through after seeing an article on facebook. I think a lot of people would be interested in reading both sides of the story and this blog seems to fill that need.

    From reading and educating oneself, you begin to understand WHY these things happen and HOW we can stop it happening. As lemonz is a Faroese person I think that following his/her method would be a good starting point. We need to formulate a strong argument against this ritual. But we also have to agree that the Faroese people have to eat. I am glad that it is policed and I am also glad that by what people have said that it is as quick a death as it can be because ofcourse nobody wants to see these animals in pain. What I don't agree with is making it a spectator sport. If it is for sustenance, why does it need to be cheered on from the sidelines. The best we can hope for in the short term would be to regulate and police the killings and make sure that it is done in an humane (as possible) way. We also need to take the sport away from it, so should be done by professionals, who would know how to adhere to the strict guidelines of the killing. Much like modern slaughterhouses in the uk.

    in the long term ofcourse it would be great to stop the killing of these animals but the only way to do this effectively would be to do this step by step.

    But I do agree with you divemistress that an understanding is the best weopon!

    I feel that you will probably be getting a lot more coverage soon as this has hit Facebook. So be prepared for an influx of visitors to your site.

  • jan

    and you suggest to do nothing. thats even better. and if to do something for a living is a reason for you take this: . so i think the disussion should be about the necessity of such killings, and for me there is none. there are many alternatives out there…

  • Caroline

    Perhaps, dive mistress, you should not be generating incorrect information yourself.

    The Faroe Islands are very much a part of Denmark, they are a dependency of Denmark; a self-governing dependency, but nevertheless a dependency.

    This (barbaric) practice has been occurring for more than 300 years. In fact, drive hunts (or 'grinds' as they are called) in these islands date back to 1584, not 1709.

    The Faroese do not have whale meat and blubber as a staple part of their diets; this region's cetaceans now contain such high levels of mercury and other toxins that the Faroese have been advised to avoid consuming the meat and blubber.

    Sea Shepherd does indeed mention the Faroe Islands on their site:

    But you are right in suggesting that correctly directed protest is needed. We should be sending our protests to the Faroese, not to Denmark. Continued international condemnation to stop this brutal slaughter will be more effective if aimed directly at the Faroe Islanders themselves.

    I do not agree with using "culture" or "tradition" as excuses for causing unnecessary pain and distress to any creature. Our history as a species is fraught with appallingly cruel practices, long since abandoned as primitive.

    Enlightenment is the key!

    • dive mistress

      Hi Caroline – Thank you for your comment.
      Can you please let me know where I have generated any information? I wrote this article over 2 years ago based on research I had done.
      I have no made any assumptions here. I agree that it probably needs to be updated however and I am more than happy to edit the sections where you, or anyone, can show me that I have made a mistake.

      Again, thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

    • Anna

      Caroline, do yourself a favor and have a conversation with someone from the Faroe Islands and ask THEM why they do what they do before you make assumptions. I happen to live with a Faroese person and YOUR facts are wrong, too. Stop preaching until you actually talk to someone who lives in the culture you're criticizing.

  • AK in AK

    for someone who claims to have done research before writing this article I find it very interesting that you claim they are in violation of the anti-whaling treaty… i.e. you should have known that a "Pilot Whale" is not in fact a whale and thus not protected by the treaty! Pilot Whales are just large dolphins.

    All the same, while I don't like their tradition and certainly don't support it, If someone were to start a campaign to end the slaughter of cows because they thought it was inhumane, which I eat the meat of frequently, then I would probably tell them off and continue eating my cow meat!

  • Enlightened

    Thank you!

  • International Gringo

    I myself am a child.

    This email irritated me, as I am an extremley cultured teen, having lived in 11 countries, and understand culture and what it MEANS.

    I currently live in Chile.

    It also irritates me that most people here probably eat meat.

    I fully understand this tradition, and by no means wish to fight it.

    Its part of their culture, like a Muslim womans headress.

    I would also like to add that a group of Danish kids I met when I was 8 were the kindest, most mature and trustworthy NON BEASTLIKE people I have ever met.

    They have greatly affected my life, and the amount of people calling them monsters these days angers me greatly.

    Whilst I do no defend the act, I do not feel any need to stop it, swear at them or do anything various other peope have done.

    It is their CULTURE, I repeat, and while there may be some flaws the USA, UK, etc have many more flaws.

    If anyone wants to call me, a CHILD, a monster for defending them, Im cool with that, I am old and experienced enough to not be affected

  • Jo Garrett

    Although they are commonly called Pilot Whales, they are more closely related to dolphins than whales (like killer whales) and the term Calderon dolphins is just a local name for them. Many species of animals have a scientific Latin classification and many common names.

    Although, the numbers taken are probably within sustainable limits, whales and dolphins take a long time to grow to sexual maturity, this means that they are vulnerable to overharvesting because it takes a long time to replace the individuals that are taken.

    The other main problem, which I think is the main one in this case, although the author of the poem didn't articulate it very well, but what they were trying to get at, is the cruelty involved in killing such a large animal. It does take a long time for them to die because it is difficult to kill such animals quickly in water. It is not like breaking the neck of a chicken where they die instantly. These large animals take a long time to die when attacked with harpoons and they are very distressed and in pain. These are intelligent creatures and are likely to experience similar suffering that we would experience if we were in a similar situation!

    • Martin

      Let's make something clear, pilot whales are classed as dolphins, that's a fact. I've never heard of a Calderon dolphin, we call them, as a herd, a grind, (pronounced 'greend'), or individually grindahvalur.

      The people on the Faroe Islands kill an estimation of 0,1% annually. That would take 1000 years to wipe them out. And the fact that records show all the way back to 1584. And there hasn't been a decline of whales, which should prove that it is sustainable.

      I agree, large animals probably do suffer a slow and painful death if attacked with harpoons. Fortunately harpoons aren't used in the Faroe Islands. Large blades are cut into the spine, making blood stream up into its brain, making them unconcious within seconds, as they bleed out, which is why the ocean's red. If you've seen any type of slaughter, you'd know any animal is drained for blood. The videos will look like utter barbaric chaos, if you don't understand they are doing. The men don't like making any animal suffer, which is why everyone's in a rush. To put the whales out of their misery as quickly and swiftly as possible. Killing 60-150 whales within 6-15 minutes is desperately trying to give them a merciful death. If they didn't care, it wouldn't be this quickly.

      If you're against Faroese whaling, that's fine, but please get the facts right and don't make things up. Ask anyone from the Faroe Islands, they'll tell you the truth, but they probably won't a agree. Which is where you come in.

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  • Annmarievans

    Ok, I'm enlightened.

    I know the facts & I'm not a vegetarian but it still looks barbaric to me.

  • Alex

    Anyone who defends this horrible tradition should know that killing a dolphin makes you far less of a man… this is no right of passage, this is disgusting, and this is murder. People used to own slaves too but as times change so do traditions, and this is probably the most pathetic one I have ever seen. Killing a friendly and intelligent creature that would never even pose a threat is shameful, cowardly, and no right of passage. Would someone please go educate this clearly deprived culture of Islanders and let them know that, as of this point in their lives, those creatures are smarter than they are.

    • Andreea

      Alex, one queston for you: what "rite of passage" are you talking about? The one so nicely "describe" in an imbecile e-mail that circulated the net and which is full of twisted facts and lies? Interestingly enough in all the time I've spent in the Faroe Islands I have never heard of such thing and I have a Faroese husband and 22 yo nephews.

      "Would someone please go educate this clearly deprived culture of Islanders and let them know that, as of this point in their lives, those creatures are smarter than they are." Patronising much?

      Oh dear, this being said by the guy who lives in a country of which army kills innocent civilians in Iraq and Aghanistan in the name of … what? You don't have a clue of how people from the Faroe Islands are, I don't actually believe you have a clue WHERE Faroe Islands lies on the map. And as a foreigner that have been living here for the past 10 years, I can easily assure you that people here are much more civilised than a bunch of patronising Americans who believe they have the monopol over civilisation and democracy. Grow up! And try to inform yourself properly besides making an arse from yourself.

  • Just Laughing

    If it's a tradition i don't see anything wrong with it. The two things that I see wrong with it is driving them towards extinction and the killing part is sad, and should be done more humanely, but with the larger animals it's harder to do. Look at the way we kill animals. I mean, we put a hot piece of tattered metal into their flesh at 3000 feet per second and most of the time have them running around afterwards until the BLEED out. Just because they don't make a sound doesn't mean they're not hurting.

    You think we're going to stop thousands of years of tradition just because we feel sad for them? But like I said, this should be stopped and for one reason only, extinction.

    And for all of you bad mouthing Denmark, 'danish', danes…

    This happens on the Faroe Islands, which belong to Denmark, yes. But the Danish government or the Danes themselves have nothing to do with it or agree with it.

    The people on the Faroe Islands don't consider themselves Danes, they consider themselves Faroes and have their own government.

    Half of you guys don't even do research. You see a cute animal in distress and start screaming.

  • Reuben Matene

    You go Dive mistress!!! you've got my support all the way!!!!!! I love your commentary, and i love the calm and patience you have to endure all these ignorant people!! Love it – Give em' heaps!!!

  • T. Rock

    Reading through all the comments here, I found "Dillinger" from "one year ago" made the most sense. I doesn't interest me so much the past history of Faroe Islands and if the people are truly ruled by Denmark. Also, I do understand that so-called Calderon dolphins are actually pilot whales, which are techically dolphins. That's all interesting and possibly even confusing, but it all misses the point.

    It would be quite another point, a valid point (imo), if it were shown that all this dolphin meat were going to feed hungry people. But that doesn't seem to be the primary argument. If it is give evidence! From what I can find many of the animals, or their remains, are left unused or taken back to sea. The meat is really not good to eat.

    I'm from the U.S. (no apologies to the few haters here), and I do eat some (not a great amount) meat. But the packers here "use every part of the animal except the moo" or "the oink" in the case of pigs. I myself am totally against killing any animals for sport. So-called traditions don't justify that. We do kill many turkeys for Thanksgiving, but they are mostly completely eaten. The (viking?) "tradition" of slaughtering cetaceans is now barbaric and rightly condemned.

  • Joe R.

    I am Danish. Most Danes abhor whaling. Danes have no traditional whaling as part of their history and didn't have a part in emptying the oceans of millions of whales up till the 1930s, They have never had a whaling industry, unlike America and Western EU countries – it is their corporate GREED that caused the real damage. Denmark has never wanted to be part of this.

    The Faroes have their own language, they DO have a history of traditional whaling going back at least 1200 years – but not a whaling industry.

    The Danes have a constitution that the Faroes abides by and they have no military.

    But Denmark cannot make laws, they have their own parliament voted in Faroe Islanders themselves. They even have their own FLAG, their own trade agreements with other countries, the are not member of EU, but Denmark is. They have their own monetary systems, their own stamps… etc

    They even play as a FULL nation in football and regarded as a separate FULL nation by FIFA and UEFA (sand other sporting bodies). They have even been in the same Group Stages as Denmark and the matches are recognised as FULL internationals between two countries. And so it goes on…

    Faroe Islanders do NOT consider themselves a Danes !!!

  • Dave Parent

    Thanks Dive Mistress. Trusting your facts are straight. Am forwarding your explanation to sender of "massacre of Calderon Dolphins by Denmark". I live in Canada. I think what's missing in the pictures is the harvest, processing, packaging, storage, whatever, of all these whales. That would convince me that this was not a mindless slaughter. Finally, Canadian Government has guidelines RE: Tuna consumption and mercury contamination. Is that a problem with these whales? Thanks. Great site!

    • dive mistress

      Hi Dave,
      Thanks for the comment. I think its possibly time I did a follow up to this story – it was quite a few years ago that I posted it now.
      Its great to see that countries like Canada are forming guidelines around Tuna and down here in New Zealand, we are considering what would make toothfish fishing sustainable.
      Take care, tara

  • Evelyn

    It is alll meant to be.

  • Nayab khan

    Really it’s big shame on the peoples of Denmark

  • di hilton

    So its a tradition and thats makes it ok, does it heck its barbaric and a total disgrace whoever encourages this should be ashamed, horrific you horrible beings!!

  • Shieldso84

    In my eyes the human race are parasites, reaping the benefits of what isn't theirs and exhausting anything worth a penny to line their own pockets…. with devastating effects along the way. Its a sad world. I am vegan and don't believe in breeding animals just to be slaughtered for food or materials, its sick. These things we see every day, such as this video only confirms to me that human beings are a dangerous species. Anyone who could do these things to another living creature are sick and dangerous. Surely murdering a living thing and witnessing its suffering must release some form of endorphins in the human brain making it easier to do such things to other humans!?

  • TYB

    No matter where this takes place or what the exact name of the species is matters not!!! This barbaric act should not take place and I find it very distressing to think of the suffering they must endure!

  • per fridriksen

    Actually the faroe islands are part of the kingdom of danmark, in a similar fashion to puerto rico being part of the usa. It has a parliament but scotland does as well and it’s still in the uk. Don’t tell me I’m not Danish, I am proud to be both dane and faroese.

    • Robin Larsson

      So what do you think about all of this, coming from the island?

    • tony mad

      its tradition to go to church on sundays and dress in your sunday best , its also tradition to make a pot of tea and put a tea cozy on it , but nobody does it any more , so when your 18 your a man if you end a creatures life, if u ask me , your islands are fearful of being independent , the question is , how do you stop a avalanche once its started

  • Jane Lennie

    If we preserved all traditions from centuries ago, today's world would be worse for everyone.

  • Sandra Surtees

    The reason behind it doesn't matter. If whale/dolphin meat is 'needed' (and that's questionable) then it might be slightly acceptable to kill them but NOT in this cruel, painful, gruesome manner. It's time to move on from tradition AND STOP IT!

  • Zo

    Just because they have been doing it for 300 years does not make it ok! They should be stopped or where do you want to draw the line? Would you say it’s ok to batter humans to death just because it’s a tradition somewhere? Come on, get a grip! It’s sick and disgusting! We only eat meat because Stone Age man thought it was a good idea at the time. We don’t need meat to survive! We are intelligent people (some of us anyway) we have choices – we have the power to stop this inhumane slaughter. And we need to grow a backbone and stand up for these creatures and educate the idiots killing them.

  • keldc

    Well, what is there to say? I dont like it either! but we (im a dane) cant decide over these people, (they Are a part of DK, more about that later) than the brits can decide over scotland! And they are not danes, like people from manchester is brits, they have their totally own language, own culture, like the people from wales and scotland. and their own parliament,, It will take time to change this! Time! Btw its not calderon dolphins, its pilotwhales.. And they are not a threatened species, "only" slightly.. They dont kill them just for fun, or as a manhoodtest, and all the flesh is used. Only skilled fishermen are allowed to kill them, They die fairly quick, because they cut them in the neck! The concerns, in connection to this, are when they take them to shore, is they pull them by hooks in the air-intake, if that is done by an unexperienced (wich is not allowed) they can suffer too much! Today they are not considered by the Faero-island health authorities, to be suitable to human food, because of polution, fx. too much quicksilver in them!

  • Marie

    If our tradition includes eating human flesh, then that would be allowed since its part of our tradition and culture?

  • European

    Faroe islands is Denmark. They haven't declared independence yet. The title of your article is wrong.

  • Jack

    It is still not acceptable, whether it is a cultural practice or not to inhumanly kill anything is wrong, if a tribe of Maya appeared and started sacrificing people it would be wrong even though that's thousands of years of culture and people were a stable part of their diet. There is no excuse for this other than people trying to exert their power on things that cant defend themselves, this display is probably so they can feel better about their miserable lives.

  • Damien Byrne

    Hi there. Been reading a lot of commentary about this and a lot of people keep commenting on the calderon name confusion. Looks from this page that calderon is the Spanish name for a pilot whale :

  • Robin Larsson

    Religion is an even older cultural practice and people seems to leave that behind more and more, as a result of education and consciousness…so i belive its never legit to blame such a thing as culture! Would you say the same thing about a culture that would stone a human to death? Is that also ok because its an old practice? And why you bring japan up to this discussion i have no idea..its a seperate event that we all know about by now, and this is not! Therefore its not really important if the seasheppards have not mentioned this on their website or whether the name of the whales and dolpins are correct!

  • Jo-Anne

    Regardless to its a whale or a Dolphin being killed , its still sick.
    For something to be killed in a inhuman way for 'the fun of it' or to ' prove ' something is wrong.
    Saying its a tradition just not justify this disgusting behaviour.

  • http://Non Holly

    Calderon dolphins do exist and there r plenty of pictures and reference to them if u google it, you obviously haven’t done MUCH research. They look just like the mammals in the photo. Also, whether dolphin or whale its disgusting wherever it happens. They dont kill humanely, they slice their spines and they die slowly and to give the excuse that they’ve done it for yrs so its alright and hard to change their ways os appalling – should we bring back black slaves and beheading without trial then??

  • Alfred

    It DOESN'T MATTER what those poor beings are!! It's a slaughter and It's completely wrong! Hunter's law says that you consume everything you kill! And when you kill you do it with one shot! No pain has to be felt and no fear of death should run into the prey's veins…Otherwise the flesh goes bad and poisoning. That is the only way to respect the foodchain and the ekosystem. It doesn't matter if you're a vegetarian or a meat lover, make sure you respect everything you consume from lettuce to cows and whales because at the end of the day that's what keeps you alive. Something else has to die so you can live…That is the way mother nature works and It is more than a good reason to preserve and respect the resources of this earth. What I see in those idiots pictures makes me feel pure disguise and anger towards them! This is a massacre that should not be tolerated and those teenagers in my eyes have no bigger value than those poor animals!! They're actually worth shit!!! The more i know humans the more I love animals!! Sad but true!!

  • Rick James

    We do worse to animals here in the US

  • Karen Peters

    I contacted Greenpeace about this a few years ago and they told me that it is difficult to challenge from a “cultural” point of view. They also said that, unfortunately, it’s essentially no different to our slaughter houses and the way our cattle are treated. I agree. Most of us have never been in a slaughter house and can only imagine it but every bit of meat you buy supports the industry. Go veggie or, better still, vegan and allow this cruel mis-use of our wonderful animals to slip into the dark ages where it belongs. We can and should (in my humble opinion) live meat free.

  • Suzie

    Hey dumbarse ,

    Might want to get your facts right before you start defending this cruel and horrific practice ! As stated by Sea Shepherd actual marine scientists not some dumb opioid ated botch like you !

    Sea Shepherd: Pilot whales are currently classified in the family Delphindae and are therefore dolphins. In the end they are all cetaceans, mammals, intelligent sentient beings. August 13, 430 Atlantic White-sided dolphins were slaughtered; Bottlenose dolphins are also killed in The Faroes.

    Get your facts right you moron

    • Tara

      I 've approved your comment in order to reply with this – thank you for your corrections and your reference to Sea Shepherd. I will be updating this blog post as this is the third or fourth time its done the rounds.
      But next time, keep the personal attacks to yourself hey?